Time for Braces | Willow Dental | Chilliwack, BC Family Photographer

Last summer we started the process of getting Kazia ready to have braces. She first had to get an appliance put in on her upper teeth and adjusted to help widen her upper jaw. This process was done to make room for her teeth to straighten out for when the braces would go on. She had lots of crowding and teeth growing in funny directions.

It took quite a few weeks of making adjustments and turning the appliance before they were aligning correctly. Once her upper and lower jaw aligned better, and there was room for the crooked teeth to straighten, she had to wait on a couple of her lower baby teeth to fall out. The initial plan was to have them pulled, but they started getting wiggly just before her alignment check, so we just had to wait. Those two bottom teeth finally came out and we were able to get her braces on this past weekend.

She was super excited, but also really nervous. Although, once the dental hygienist explained the process to her she was able to relax and went through the whole process like a champ.

She asked to have blue and teal on her braces.

We started by grabbing a quick pre braces portrait with her new Fuggler she bought herself (by the way, that is supposed to be a mix of “Funny Ugly Monster”), and its smile seems to match hers pretty well.

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