Mexico over Spring Break | Occidental at Xcaret Destination | Mayan Riviera, Mexico | Family Photography

Mexico was amazing!!! I can’t believe we have never gone before. Beautiful weather, beaches and lots of good food.

We went for the second half of Spring Break, and stayed at the Occidental at Xcaret. The resort was beautiful. It had an adventure/animal park next door that we had access to and explored a few times. We were amazed at the size of the park, we could spend all day walking around one small part without realizing we still had so much of it to explore and checkout.

We spent one day on an excursion that took us to Tulum, then swimming in a Cenotes and finished off with some snorkelling for fish. Tulum was beautiful but so hot, I’m glad we did that in the morning. The caves were so cool to go through; we even got to see a tiny little bat. And snorkelling, Kazia had a great time, she went with the group and we stayed back with Asher who wasn’t interested until it was too late to go since everyone was coming back. Well and since I can’t swim I doubt I’d be able to do much of it anyways, just through the caves I had to be helped the whole way haha. It was a fun day.

The room we had was really close to the beach (not in the inlet where the resort had its bar and restaurant set up), but it was so awesome because we were almost always the only ones there. And the kids loved jumping the waves.

Lots of time was spent at the beach, we soaked up all the sunshine!

We also did some snorkelling in the park, saw huge turtles, nursing sharks, walked through the aquarium, enjoyed the dolphins up close and personal (I wasn’t able to take photos on our Dolphin adventure, but it was an amazing experience).

The bird aviary was beautiful, as well as the butterfly pavilion.

We would definitely go back another time, it was a very chill week and very enjoyed.

And we left with only one getting a bit sunburnt.

Now see for yourself, lots and lots of pictures to enjoy!

Can’t wait to go back!!!