March 2019 - 10 on 10 - And We Finally Have Snow | Chilliwack, BC Family Photographer

Well we were soaking up all the sunshine and blue skies this Winter, then we finally got hit with a whole bunch of snow. We had some Snow Days, there was a lot of snow over night for a couple days in a row, so of course we had to take advantage of not being able to go to school or work, so we went tubing at the park hill. There was a little bit of pouting involved, but overall lots of laughter and fun.

The snow hasn’t lasted for too long which is nice, it has tried to snow again a few times, but the sunny days are winning this Winter (not that it’s been warm, just sunny with brutally cold winds).

I’m glad the snow hasn’t stuck around much, I do enjoy all the beautiful blue filled sunny skies and cleared roads!!

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