52 Weeks | 52 Self Portraits | P52 Project | Chilliwack, BC Portrait Photographer

For 2018 I planned to get in the frame at least once a month. Then I found a group on Facebook, P52 Get in the Frame, and attempted to do a self portrait once a week. Each month there was a theme you could follow for inspiration, which I tried to follow most months, and sometimes I would shoot off theme as well.

Self portraits have never been my favourite, being in front of the camera isn’t as comfortable as being behind it. But I was determined to stay committed to completing this project I set for myself.

Being part of a whole group of talented women doing the same project was very inspiring. I really loved having my facebook feed filled with beautiful images these ladies had taken. It sure helped keep me motivated to shoot weekly.

I think I missed one whole month, you know how life can be, it gets busy, but then other months I was able to shoot more than weekly portraits, or I would do a small set of images when I had the time.

Now that the year is over and I finished the project, I’m so happy I stuck with it. It was a great experience, and I am really happy with all the images I captured of myself and I’m excited to continue the project into 2019 and on. My goal for 2019 is to be a little braver and get outside to shoot some portraits, most of mine this year were at home, I only had the guts to get a few outside, and mostly because there was almost no one around.

I’ll share my portraits with you all, and then when you reach the end, click on the link I attached and follow along in our loop. You won’t be disappointed, these ladies created some beautiful work.

Here are my self portraits for the year.

My birthday is in May, so that month I did a series of photos for myself.

And now back to all the others. I am happy to say I have more than just 52 portraits to share with you all, I never thought I would get so many throughout the year.

And December 31st was my husband and I’s 14th wedding anniversary, so after our dinner out I told him we were going up to the lake to take some photos together, for us and to get in one more for the end of the year.

Now I know you’re all excited to check out everyone else’s work. So follow along in our loop and go through and click each link until you find yourself back here on my page.

Next in the loop is Cindy, you can find her post here.

Here’s to 2019!!!