January 2019 - 10 on 10 - The Asher and Kazia Baking Show | Christmas Baking | Chilliwack, BC Family Photographer

Wow, 2019! Can you believe it? I hope everyone had the most amazing Christmas filled with joy and love. We had an amazing trip away at Disneyland, so I won’t share that here today, because I have WAY more than 10 images to share haha!

For today I’m sharing with you ‘The Asher and Kazia Baking Show!’ Before the Christmas break began, the kids wanted to bake some cookies for their classes, and thus they came up with their show title and are trying to convince me to start recording them once a week to create a baking channel. Maybe? It would be fun, I do love to bake.

Asher made Grinch crinkle cookies, and Kazia made oatmeal cranberry cookies. They may not have turned out looking like the photos from the recipes, but they were delicious.

I am continuing on with my lovely group of ladies on our monthly 10 on 10 blog circle, head on over to Nikki’s blog and check out her post here!