Beautiful Morning on the Vedder River | Vedder River | Chilliwack, BC Family Photographer

How can you not love Fall when the weather is this beautiful? The air is crisp and cool in the morning, the sun is out and it creates the most beautiful light.

People love a good golden hour session in the evening with the sun setting, but I photographed this family in the morning, 10am, a couple hours after sunrise, and it created the most beautiful glowing light. It was amazing.

It was definitely chilly, fall mornings are good for that. The boys were cold, they didn’t bring any jackets and didn’t layer up, but I kept them moving and hoped that would warm them up a bit. Plus, a few snuggles from mom to warm up helped too.

Their adorable Frenchie pup joined in on the fun, and we got her into as many of the pics as she would cooperate for, it wasn’t too many haha, but we got her in there. She was more interested in sniffing around and checking things out.

We sure do live in such a beautiful place. Just look at that scenery.

We ended the session along the river with mountain views, the boys having fun and goofing off, and then a few last frames to honour their father/grandfather. They brought along a photo of the boys loving on their grandad, and an awesome plush hand made to look like him, which is such a sweet way to remember someone.

Aren’t they all the cutest? Such a fun family.