Summer at the Cabin | Fawn Lake Resort | Lone Butte, BC Family Photographer

Get ready, this is the big one! Our two week summer vacation to the cabin at Fawn Lake. We go every year for a week but this year we decided to stay for two, and it was awesome. The first week was a bit cooler than we have been used to for this time of year, but our second week the weather perked up and it was pretty hot and awesome. And for our second week we had company, my brother and his wife and kids stayed at one of the camper sites with their RV for the week.

Some of these shots are a bit out of order, I was using three different camera bodies, my main camera, then my backup for underwater/on the water shots and I also brought a roll of film with me too. I know, a bit crazy, but it was fun.

My goal this year was to hopefully see a moose or a fox. We didn’t spot a moose, but on our second week I was able to spot 3 foxes!!!! I was lucky enough to get a couple shots of the second fox on camera, but he was quite the ways away compared to the other two that I saw (who scurried away when I would get out of the car to try and snap a photo). But I’m still happy I was actually able to get it on camera, woohoo. For next year I now know roughly a good time to go out and find myself a fox and I will hopefully get a few better shots.

Another critter we saw a lot of over the two weeks was bats, they were flying over our cabin deck every night eating all the mosquitos that were eating us alive throughout the day (can you spot the bat in one of my images as we sat outside watching them swoop over our heads?). This year was pretty bad for mosquitos, not sure if it had something to do with the cooler temperatures, but we did get to have outdoor fires, which was a first, all previous years there was a ban due to all the wildfires, so the cooler weather this year was welcome since it allowed us the fun of having s’mores by the outside fire. Oh and I can’t forget our cabin squirrel! He was around all the time, and sometimes he’d like to yell at us if he didn’t see any nuts put out for him haha!!

We also explored a few new places this year as well, one of them being the Bridge Lake Ice Caves. And we did find some ice, even in August!

I tried my hand at some night sky photography again. The kids joined me for the night as well, and we all lasted until about 10:45PM before we went back inside because it got a bit chilly for us. I’m happy with the couple images that I got, I love how vibrant the Milky Way is!

It was a really great two weeks of camping, and being able to spend a whole week with family was lots of fun, the kids loved having their cousins to play with all the time. We also had other friends and family that we were able to spend some time with at the cabin as well which was pretty great.

It was an amazing two weeks spent, that’s for sure! Can’t wait for next year’s cabin adventures.

And now for the enormous amount of photos I took.

These are from my film camera, it has a different look then my usual style but I do really love how these turned out. It’s a more difficult format for me, but I do really enjoy the challenge of it all, and the surprise as well, you never know what you got until you finish the roll.

Well, congrats for making it through all that haha, I know it was a lot, but thanks for sticking through to the end!