Christmas at Disneyland! | Disneyland, Anaheim | Chilliwack BC, Family Photographer

Christmas at Disneyland! | Disneyland, Anaheim | Chilliwack BC, Family Photographer

We had an amazing and magical Christmas away, we spent the whole week at Disneyland.

It’s a trip we’ve always wanted to take, and we were able to make it happen this Christmas. Of course we missed spending time with our families for Christmas, but it was nice to just get away and not do the whole typical Christmas chaos; I mean, it was a different kind of chaos at Disneyland!

Since we had an early morning flight, we stayed at the Vancouver airport, it sure made things easier in the morning to wake up and already be at the airport ready to go. We arrived in LA the morning of Dec 22nd and started our adventures by exploring Downtown Disney. Everything was decorated beautifully. We made it into the parks the next day, and had 5 amazing and fun filled days exploring both parks. We also had one full day of just relaxing at the pool, the kids swam for over 4 hours straight, and they burnt a lot of energy because Asher was fast asleep by 6pm that night.

The parks were busy, but I didn’t find them overly busy our first few days, even on Christmas Day. Our last two days in the park, the Thursday and Friday after Christmas were super busy, couldn’t believe the amount of people there were.

I took a lot of photos, of course, and video as well (although the video will probably take me awhile to get all put together). We also utilized the MaxPass, which allowed us to get Fast Passes for all the rides right from the Disney App, and it also uploaded all the photos we jumped into that the photo pass photographers took, it was such a great feature (now I just need to download all those photos).

We enjoyed so many rides and so much good food! Seriously delicious treats!!!

Now get ready for a lot of photos to enjoy.

I brought my DSLR and Film camera along for the trip. Most of our days there I had my DSLR because I was also taking video clips, but I did use a roll of film as well. I started a second roll of film but I didn’t finish that roll, so I may have to add those few in later on when I get the scans back. These last 24 images are my film scans, I wasn’t sure how they would turn out, but I was really happy with how they turned out.