Summer Vacation | Fawn Lake Resort | Lone Butte, BC Family Photographer

This August we took our annual summer trip to Fawn Lake.  The drive up was pretty smooth, except for one long delay where we had to go through an area that had a mud slide the night before.  

When we got to the cabin, we unloaded all our things from the car, enjoyed the view while making dinner and then headed out for our first night of fishing on the lake.

We did lots of fishing that week, and caught a good amount of fish too.  

The weather was beautiful, and hot.  There were a few smoky days from near by forest fires, but it wasn't too bad, it made some beautiful sunsets in the evenings and throughout the day the heat would burn off most of the smoke in the air.

We spent time going for walks, exploring, playing in the water, and checked out 100 Mile House in the first few days.  

Kazia and I went on an 8km hike that ended with a visit to a farm at the end of the road.  The owners saw us looking at the horses and invited us over to come say hello.  Kazia was so excited.  After we spent a little time visiting with the horses, the owners of the farm invited Kazia back for a riding session, that made her year, she was beyond excited.

One day was spent relaxing on Green Lake, just soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the free time.

I brought my DicaPac waterproof bag for my camera and tried out some underwater images.  I was shooting blind, I didn't have goggles on me to go under and actually see what I was shooting, but it was still fun.  And I love that I have images from a different perspective in the water, and not just always from the shore.

Two nights of our week I attempted some astrophotography.  So fun!  The first night was super cloudy, but I really love how the images turned out.  Kazia came with me and laid on the dock watching the stars before she fell fast asleep.  On the second night both kids wanted to come with me, so I attempted some light painting to get them in the frame watching the stars, and I'm really happy with how they all turned out.  Love the night sky.

The day before we left we drove down to Williams Lake, and also checked out the 108 Mile Heritage Ranch.  It was cool checking out all the old memorabilia they had displayed.

The morning we were leaving, the ducks came waddling over to the kids as if they were saying their goodbyes.

Now, onto the photos.  A little warning, there is A LOT!  Enjoy.