New Park Adventures | Rochester Park | Coquitlam, BC Family Photographer

Oh. My. Gosh!!  How do kids get sooooo dirty?  There was sand absolutely everywhere.  But wow they had so much fun.

We ventured out to Coquitlam for the afternoon to hang out with my friend Melissa and her two youngest kids.  Before we met up, Melissa warned me that her kids might stick to each other and not really want to play with my kids.  So before we headed out after swimming class, I explained to my kids that when we get to the park, the kids we are going to play with might not be very social and only stick to playing with each other, but everyone played so well with each other, they had a blast.  Holy smokes they all got so dirty, running between the spray park and the sand pits, making sand angels and chasing each other for sandy hugs.  Sand EVERYWHERE!!!!  Of course it was all fun and games until they had to be hosed down and cleaned off, that's never fun.

I brought along a new toy for my camera, an inexpensive but effective waterproof soft housing to put my camera in so that I could get in close to all the water play.  I tested it the night before in the bath tub to make sure there were no leaks.  It was so much fun.  I can't wait to try it again.  I definitely won't be submerging it far into the water, but having it to play with at water parks and on the beach to protect my camera from the sand will be so great.

After our play was over with Melissa and her kids, the kids and I hung out at the park for a little bit longer before the kids started "melting" and the requests for cold drinks were frequent.