Another Hiking Adventure | Lynn Canyon | North Vancouver, BC Family Photographer

We sure are keeping busy and exploring a lot of new places this summer.  It's so much fun.

This was another fun hike, a bit of a ways out from where we live, but it was worth the trek out to explore with these two cuties of mine.  And luckily this time, we beat the Vancouver after work traffic, hooray!!

We started at the Ecology Centre at Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, checked out all the fun displays and facts about the park.  Afterwards we crossed the suspension bridge and made our way through the hike to get to the 30 foot pools.  Why is it that every time we go to a place like this, I think there won't be that many people and I can get a cool solo shot of the kids checking out the main attractions? It's never that way, it's always busy, always.  But .... I did luck out and timed myself to catch a snap of just the kids crossing the suspension bridge.  

See these signs posted all over the fences?  Do you think people actually listened?  Nope!  Even with a sign right at the pools (which I forgot to snap a photo off, which showed how many deaths and accidents had occurred at the different pools and water areas of the park), people still cliff jumped.  Each to their own I guess, but with that kind of warning, not sure I'd want to be one of those statistics on that one posted sign.