Summertime Fun | Crescent Beach | Surrey, BC Family Photographer

So I got totally sunburnt, like really really sunburnt, but seeing these kids together having fun and getting to spend the day with each other for a visit .... well, it makes it worth it, even if it hurts.

Our best friends were visiting BC for a little while, so we had to make sure to squeeze in a days worth of adventure with them.  We couldn't let them leave BC and go back home without having some time together.  

These kids haven't seen each other in quite a few months since their last visit over here, but you'd think they get to see each other all the time the way they all played and adventured, it's so awesome to watch their friendship and bond be so strong, love it!  These little people are the best, and I'm so happy they have each other.

We spent the day at the beach, and only realized the day was almost evening when the tide was coming in (and really quickly I might add), so we packed up and went for some gelato.  After that we went out for dinner together, and the goodbyes were hard, lots of hugs and emotions, but after many attempts at getting all the hugs in as possible and the kids separated, we headed home happy and with full hearts because it was a day spent well with the best company!