A Lighthouse Adventure | Lighthouse Park | Vancouver, BC Family Photographer

Friday's weather called for thunder storms, but we decided to take a chance and head out on an adventure anyways.  We drove all the way out to West Vancouver to hike through Lighthouse Park.  The weather was pretty great that day, so it was worth the trek out that way.  

It was a beautiful park, and after 3 hours of adventuring there, we only really explored a small portion of the area.  I think we'll have to go back one day again to explore some more.  Beautiful views, and the ocean, a great combination.

It was a fairly easy walk and hike for the kids, and most areas were pretty shaded, so even though it was hot out, it wasn't too bad with all the tree coverage.  It also started to rain a bit, which was nice and cooling in the heat, but we didn't see any rainbows and the rain stopped pretty shortly after it started.

If you're in the area, or looking for an adventure for the day, definitely go out that way and check it out.