June 2018 - 10 on 10 - Sprinkler at Sunset

What could be better than running through a sprinkler on a hot day during sunset?  For a kid, it's probably pretty awesome, and as a parent, well they got a nightly shower in right? haha.

But seriously, how could I resist?  Gorgeous light and the kids having fun!  Nothing better.  

We've had some pretty amazing weather this May and June, and the kids have been soaking it all up.  

See for yourself, they sure had a blast!  

This blog post is part of a monthly 10 on 10 circle, head on over to Nikki's post and check out her 10 on 10 here!


This was from a different day, but I had to add it in just because.  Just look at the fun they're having, I love summer days!