My Little Warrior Cat | Chilliwack, BC Portrait Photographer

My Kazia, she is obsessed with the Warrior Cat books from Erin Hunter.  She gets absorbed into the books and loves the stories of all the cats.  I don't know much about what is going on, but love listening to her talk about all the medicine cats, warriors and all the clans.   She has fun creating her own warrior cat names when we're bike riding using the things she sees around her.

The other day we had a little fun with some makeup and transformed a bit of Kazia into a warrior cat.  We took inspiration from one of the cats Kazia picked out, Sandstorm, and created the look with makeup I had.  We added some sparkle, because why not of course, and I created the cat eye with some black eye shadow and a bit of mascara (we stayed away from eyeliner since she hates how it feels putting eyeliner on).  We kept the look to half of her face, as in a transformation into her wildest dreams of becoming a warrior cat.  She loved the way it turned out and wore the look all day long, she didn't want to wash it off.  I loved the way it turned out and am so glad she loves being my little muse and lets me be creative. 

Somedays you need something different to keep the creative spark flowing, these little sessions with her definitely help, and who can resist a good play with some makeup?

I may be biased being her mama, this kiddo is absolutely stunning, but just a little bit of makeup makes her look way too grown up for my liking, it totally gives me a look into her future adult years when I look at her all made up.

I showed her how the photos turned out, and her response was "I look AWESOME!!!"  She was also happy I was able to create a cat eye effect in her eyes that looked realistic like she asked me to do to complete the look.  Now she is super excited for Halloween and she's already thinking of what I could do for her with makeup.  Maybe we'll come up with something else fun and creative to do over the Summer months, if you have some ideas for us to try, leave us a comment and maybe we'll make it happen.