Here's to Being 37!

May 12th, an exciting day for me, I turn a year older when the day rolls around.  This year I decided to snap a whole bunch of self portraits, I was doing my weekly one anyways, but this time I took the time to sit in front of my camera for longer than a few minutes and did as many as I could.

Just simple portraits, sitting in our entryway and snapping away at some of the things that make me, well, me!  No extravagant makeup, because my daily look is simple with some mascara and eyeliner.  Sporting my hoop earrings, that always seem to turn and sit funny and I'm always fixing them.  And in my favourite type of outfit, a tank top and some jeans!

Things that when I was younger I didn't like, but now wonder how in the world I ever wanted to get rid of my freckles.  Every single one of them I love, especially the little heart shaped one.

My hair, it's gone through so many transformations.  Long, short, medium length.  Blonde, red, purple, pink and blue.  Currently in pixie form and probably my favourite length because it's easy to maintain every day, and I don't feel like having to fiddle with my hair every morning.

My hands, with long fingers that always sport the same three rings, and are most likely dry and cracked.

My collar bones, which are completely uneven, but something about them I've always liked.  My shoulders, one of my weakest parts when it comes to range of motion, but they are slowly getting some shape and some strength.

My back, always causing problems.  Scoliosis that causes pain and a lack of flexibility.  But it's mine and it's getting stronger and the pain less frequent from strength training.

These are some of the things that make up this person that is me!