May 2018 - 10 on 10 - Freelensed Spring

Wow, May 10th already.  How do these months keep flying by so quickly.  Only 2 more months of school and then the exciting Summer break will be here!!!  It's pretty exciting I must say.

Now, since we are already on May 10th, here are 10 photos for my monthly 10 on 10 blog circle.  At the end of all my photos I will link you over to the next blog that you should check out and then just keep following the links until you find yourself back here, and after it all you'll have read some awesome posts with even more awesome photos.

My theme this month seems to be freelensing.  I love it!  If you're not sure what I mean, head on over to this awesome blog post explaining a bit about what it is and how you can try this technique out.

I CAN NOT get enough!  And with the golden light from the nightly sunsets coming into my camera, I was getting some beautiful light leaks and flares, I just had to keep shooting.  I'm kind of surprised I haven't dropped my lens yet (but I've probably now jinxed myself, oops, better knock on wood that I didn't).  

Here are my 10 photos, all freelensed, starting with our gorgeous blue sky from the other day and then moving onto the strawberry and blueberry blossoms - because they were all willing participants in this photoshoot.  Ha!!

I just love the different slice of focus in each image, and the dreamy effect it makes.  I also find it very relaxing and calming to go out and freelens.

Now you can head on over here and check out Adriana's 10 on 10!