Surprised with a Visit!

Over the Easter weekend the kids had their very best of friends come for a little visit.  We haven't seen them since we got together over the Summer after they moved Provinces.  The kids knew they were coming to visit at some point, but we surprised them a few days early instead.  We can't help it, their reactions from the surprise of seeing each other is just the best.

We all went for lunch, and afterwards we stopped by our house to let them meet our bunny before we headed off to the park for a little while.  The weather on this day was a bit strange, it was like Mother Nature was trying to fit all the seasons into just one day.  We had rain, hail, snow, and sunshine, so going to the park was a bit iffy since we weren't sure how the weather was going to be.  It ended up being mostly windy and a bit chilly even though the sun would try to peek out from behind the clouds.  We stayed and played at the park for as long as we could before everyone got too cold and wanted to head back home.  Then we spent a little bit more time together hanging out at our house before our friends had to go.

It's always so good to see these kids together, and it was sad to see them go, but we sure had a very amazing day.