February 2018 - 10 on 10 - Puppy Sitting

This month we are puppy sitting for a friend, 10 days with lots of energy.  The puppy is adorable of course, as puppies are.  Kazia is having so much fun and really enjoying every little bit of having a dog in the house.  Asher wasn't so sure at first and kept his distance, but he's slowly warming up to having her around.  He even wants to be the one to walk her as well.

She's a big puppy, and very active and excitable, but such a sweet good dog.

And this month you get a few extra pictures because I loved all the pictures I took over the last couple days of these three, but since a few are very similar I figured it was ok.

Now to see how the kiddos handle the day and days after the puppy has to go home next week.

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