Kendra | Unraveled Shindig - Vancouver Edition | Golden Ears Provincial Park | Maple Ridge, BC Portrait Photographer

On the last weekend of September I co-hosted a small get together with my friend Jenna; my good friend Melissa joined us and our model was the beautiful Kendra. We met at the Spirea Nature Trail at Golden Ears Provincial Park early on Saturday morning, the wake up was rough, I’m not an early bird, but it was totally worth it. While we waited a while to see if anyone else was joining us, we saw a bear cross the road near by, it looked at us wondering what we were doing there and then took off.

We strolled down the trail and started taking pictures of our gorgeous model. Just a few minutes into starting, we were all shocked to see a really huge tree fall a short distance away, we knew it was windy, but within all the trees we couldn’t feel it much at all. We made our way around the trail loop and then decided to head down to the lake near by and take pictures by the water. My goodness, it was so windy, but Kendra just blew me away with how she just knew how to move with the wind, it was so beautiful and awesome.

This was such a great morning!

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Here’s some behind the scenes shots from our awesome get together. A few iPhone images and some with my camera.