Hello 2018

Happy New Year!!!!  Can you believe that 2018 is here already?  It's always surprising how quickly a year can go by, and with kids growing and going to school it makes it seem that much faster.  2017 has been a good year, lots of adventures with the kids, they're both now in school as well, and I can't believe how much both of them has grown, not just in size, but also as in what they have learned and as awesome little people.  

I finished another 365, learned some new things and sort of settled into a "style" per say, but that always changes it seems, so we shall see if I maintain for the coming year.  I will probably keep going on with a daily photo, in the darker months at the end of the year I always think I'll stop because it gets harder trying to shoot once I get home from work in those months when it's pitch black and I'm scrambling to think of something to take a picture of, but it does help me learn so I might as well keep going.

Do you make goals for the new year?  My biggest goal for 2018, is to print more of my images.  I plan to work on making photos books, even if it's just my daily images from my 365's to begin with.  My other goal is to print more individual images to start my gallery wall, I have the wall waiting patiently to be filled with images, so the next couple months may be filled with thrift store searching for interesting picture frames.

Today I'll share a favourite photo from each month with you, and at the end I will leave you with a link to my Flickr album for the whole year which you can have a look at.

You can have a look through the whole year here!