Shooting Film

Back in the spring I was gifted two film cameras, a Nikon and a Minolta.  I've been intrigued by film for a little while and have wanted to try it out so I was pretty excited.  This summer I finally got around to figuring out how to use one of the two cameras, the Nikon FA.  It took some getting used to, winding the lever after each shutter release, and I constantly kept looking at the back of the camera out of habit to see my image.  I shot two rolls of film that were in the bag with the two cameras because it was for fun and if they didn't work I wasn't wasting any purchased film rolls.  I walked around and just photographed everything and anything.  After I finished both rolls I sent them off to a pro lab that deals with film to produce my scans, and when I received my scans I also received some feedback on my rolls which was awesome.  I still need practice getting used to this whole film thing, but I really enjoyed it and can't wait to experiment more with it.  

These are the shots that I got back, straight out of camera, I didn't process them after getting them back from the lab.  I love the vintage feel they all have.  Now to grab another roll and have some more fun.