Summer is meant to be filled with fun outings, and spontaneous adventures.  I gave my kiddos two spontaneous big surprises this summer.  And it was quite a fun adventure.

One evening while talking to my friend (who had recently moved away to Alberta), trying to figure out if we could some how get the kids together one more time before school began, I decided to surprise the kids with a spontaneous little trip.  I didn't tell them where we were going, I woke them up early the next morning and told them to hop in the car because I had two awesome surprises for them, but that it was going to be a bit of a long drive.  We drove for three hours to get to our destination, and I was able to keep it a secret until my Siri GPS told me to turn and that we reached our destination of Kangaroo Creek Farm, when the kids heard Siri tell them where we were they were so excited.  I told them surprise number 2 was waiting for them inside the farm (my friend was only 2 hours away from the Kangaroo farm visiting her family, so she drove her kids to the Farm so that we could meet up and surprise the kids).

Once we got inside the farm, we found the bathrooms (cause three hours of driving non stop required a pit stop before a lot of excitement), and once the kids were finished we started walking into the farm and I told the kids that their second surprise was right in front of them.  It took them a second to spot their best buds, but once they did they were so extremely happy and excited.  They couldn't believe it, they were getting to check out the Kangaroo farm with their best friends.